The company is founded               24 December 1991

Number of employees 15

Office space 250 m²

Services for espresso machines 100m²

Warehouse space 700 m²

IT solution for workflow.

Exlusive importer and distributor:

  • Illy esspress coffee
  • Maxxium
  • Bardinet France
  • Krombacher Beer Germany
  • San Pellegrino Italy
  • De Nigris Aceto Balsamiko Italy
  • Pearl Bridge Soya China


The Organisation

Sales organisation and route to the market

The sale department of distribution is organized to very good segmentation of the market

On national level Sale Department focused on:

  • Key Account Sale Team serving domestic and international Retail Chains major player: VEROPULOS - 9 shops (Greece), TUS - 3 shops (Slovenia), TINEX (Macedonia) 40 shops, 
  • 2005 we adopted transfer order system for spirits in Ho.Re.Ca.
  • Direct distribution for coffee in Ho.Re.Ca.